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Urine Therapy.....WHAT??!!

We have a lot of clients reaching out with questions about the resurgence of the controversial practice of drinking urine, both fresh and fermented.

Using urine as a therapeutic, life extension and/or beauty protocol goes far back into our human history, with the earliest accounts being found in Hindu religious writings and Egyptian culture. Urine was considered to even have magical properties and is often an element in dark ritualistic practices. Drinking urine has been used in an attempt to cure diseases, curb infection and tap into the "fountain of youth". There truly is nothing new under the sun.

Although there may be some anecdotal evidence supporting urine as a therapeutic modality, and other practitioners we deeply respect are promoting it, here at WBD we do not ever recommend ingesting it in any form.

Urine is approximately 95% water and 5% waste product including urea, ammonia, creatinine and uric acid. It can also contain bacteria and trace amounts of proteins. Although many people believe that drinking urine in a survival situation would save their lives, it will actually cause more dehydration and can put a deadly strain on the kidneys.

Why do we recommend against drinking urine?

  1. First and foremost, we believe that it is contrary to the Creator's design. Our bodies are specially equipped with a system to eliminate material that has intentionally been expelled. To consume something the body has worked very hard to be rid of is working against our well thought out biology.

  2. Urine is NOT sterile. Not only can it contain harmful bacteria, it can also be contaminated by fungus, such as candida, if there is an infection anywhere in the urinary tract. It is also possible that contamination can occur during the collection process.

  3. One of the reasons the body has a urinary system is to move toxins out of the body. Every person has toxins in their urine - we even confirmed this in the clinic by doing scans on various urine samples collected from the team. A combination of chemicals, medications and other substances were detected. We do not think that any perceived benefit of drinking urine outweighs the damage and strain to the body by consuming a toxic concentrate.

  4. The salt byproduct of urine can cause dehydration and electrolyte imbalances. This is the main reason why the Armed Forces no longer instructions soldiers to consume urine for emergency hydration.

  5. Last but not least, eating feces, drinking urine and bathing in urine are all connected to occult practices and are important elements in rituals that are spiritually harmful. We do not want to emulate the dehumanizing practices we see in occult activities that are symbols of judgement and subjugation. The only mention of drinking urine in the Bible is the taunting of King Sennacherib's messenger to the people of Jerusalem while the city was under siege. "But the Rab′shakeh (the messenger) said to them: 'Is it just to your lord (King Hezekiah) and to you that my lord (King Sennacherib) sent me to speak these words? Is it not also to the men who sit on the wall, those who will eat their own shit (yes, that's in the Bible) and drink their own piss (yes, that too) along with you?” So, in response to that question, God miraculously delivered Jerusalem from the wicked king and there was no urine drinking, neither will there be here.

Just like the body is not deficient in pharmaceutical drugs or synthetic vitamins and minerals, it is not urine deficient either. Any potential therapeutic benefits that urine therapy claims to provide, we feel can be better acheived through natural, healthy remedies consisting of food, our stellar supplements and therapies that carry no unpleasantness.

So raise a glass of your favorite beverage (as long as it's not Mountain Dew....that's even worse than pee) and keep the urine in the toilet!

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