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Qest4 Comprehensive

Done by Dr.  Monzo, ND: 

Initial scan via DNA $500 

DNA Rescan $300

Initial scan In Person $650

In Person Rescan $400

Staff Practitioner: 

Initial scan via DNA $300

DNA Rescan $200 

Initial scan In Person $400

Rescan $300 

*Prices valid for all appointments booked after 8/9/23     



Qest4 Root Cause Protocol $125

The Qest4 cellular scan is specifically designed with the foundation of The Root Cause Protocol. This scan gives us a look at the cellular functions happening within the body. We are able to determine the amount of unbound iron within tissues, optimal ceruloplasmin function, active retinol levels, bioavailable magnesium, and PAM enzyme function. From here, we can begin to restore metabolic balance within our cells, tissues, and body. This healing process requires lowering the iron burden, enhancing the production of copper, increasing retinol, and replenishing magnesium to prevent oxidative stress from happening in the first place. 

Qest4 Weaponized pathogen/Nano tech $80

Qest4 Single/Other $80

See list below for Qi5 scan prices.  

You DO NOT need to have a scan to take advantage of our products and services - feel free to book any time!!

We are currently offering the following services and always looking to bring new things to our clientele, so check back often. We do not accept insurance plans but feel free to use your HSA card for qualified services. Hope to serve you soon! 

Current clients may book appointments by calling or emailing the office. If you are not yet a client, click here.

15% discount on select services provided on the same day as your scan or booked within 3 days after your scan for up to 3 months! 
*no discounts on scans
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