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What's up with Vitamin D?

Over the last few years people have been swarming to Vitamin D in an attempt to strengthen their immune system. It's true that D is an integral part of our immune system but did you know that it's not a vitamin at all? We have been reevaluating our recommendations in how members spur production of the essential substance.

There is so much information that can be accessed and we will include some helpful links for you to follow up with on your own. But to keep things simple here are a key points to consider

  • There is no adequate replacement for exposure to the sun for the production of D in the body. Having direct contact with the sun (without poisonous and often carcinogenic sunblocks) is one of the BEST ways to boost your health. The majority of people in our culture are not D deficient at all, but sun deficient. The sun was put into the sky by the Creator and scientists are still discovering its profound impact on our bodies. Don't believe the lies about sun exposure and don't unnecessarily avoid it. Even 10 minutes a day can make a dramatic difference and there is evidence that the D produced during the summer is actually stored in the body for release in the winter.

  • From one of the articles cited below, we read, "For health reasons, many Americans pay extra for bread free of preservatives (such as antioxidants) and meats that are free of steroid hormones. In the next aisle of the store, they buy bottles of antioxidant preservatives and steroid hormones in pill form, labeled as nutritional supplements, including D3 hormones." Most Vitamin D supplements are actually better understood to be hormone therapy. With the large increase in hormonal issues we see developing in our population, we do not recommend taking hormone supplements when not absolutely necessary.

  • There is no agreed upon way to measure active D in the body and no standard of measuring deficiency.

  • The way the body has to process D from a hormonal supplement puts wanted pressure on the cardiovascular, endocrine and skeletal system as well as the liver and kidneys.

  • When it's not possible to get into the sun, we are recommending food based sources of D through fish (such as cod liver oil, salmon, etc.) and herbal supplements. The ingredients you don't want to see are cholecalciferol. We do not recommend taking any. D supplementation in large amounts or for indeterminate amount of time.

  • Some people who have been taking high doses should consider a cleanse or tonic for the liver and kidneys.

We also recommend Dr. Marc Sorenson's book Embrace the Sun available for purchase at our office.

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