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Why was I recommended to have an ATB Coherent Restore?

As mankind pushes the boundaries of science and technology,

we are often exposed to things that are harmful in ways we don’t

understand or are unable to address using traditional approaches

such as pathogens that have been genetically modified/engineered/weaponized (WPNP) including fungi, viruses, bacterias, mycoplasmas, etc. They can be coated with heavy metals and carry information or nano-technology (SIT) into the body that causes toxicity, changes to DNA, etc. Because these organisms and technologies are extremely advanced, the technique we use to clear them needs to match. This is where the Coherent Restore comes in. 


How does it work?

ATB Coherent Restore is a way to give the body information and instructions in order to recognize and eliminate non-organic or engineered material. It consists of turning on the body’s ability to see light that has been bent for masking purposes in an attempt to make these pathogens invisible to the body. 


Once the body can see these organisms we use the information from the biofeedback scan and muscle testing to confirm and further evaluate the kind of WPNP in the body and the nano-technology that they might have carried in. To remove both the WPNP and the SIT we use a combination of laser, ATB touch points and verbal instructions through prayer. 


After the body has successfully eliminated those things we check to see if there are any organs and glands that need to have their communication reset with the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is the master gland of the body and is often targeted by WPNP and SIT which disrupts its ability to regulate hormonal responses throughout the body. The reconnection is also accomplished through a series of specific acupressure points, laser and commands.  We check to make sure that each of these organs and glands are also properly positioned in the body. If there is a misalignment, we muscle test to see what kind of sound (via tuning forks) will best minister to those body parts. 

Lastly, we pass a magnetic field around the body with our magnetic sticks or TechX device. This further helps wipe out any software being used by technology in the body. 


Why do you use energy-based methods?

Most people are accustomed to the use of medications or plants to rid the body of pathogens and toxins so this may be a very different approach. Dietary supplementation is a great way to aid the body from a physical perspective but sound, touch, light and prayer operate on a higher level. We can imagine the physical as being like the hardware in a computer and the energetic as being like the computer software. Many times our devices function well physically but have a virus or malware that prevents the from actually working well. Light, sound and pray work on this level.


What can I expect from a Coherent Restore?

Clients report a wide range of reactions to having a restore done - from being energized to fatigued, feeling odd sensations in the body to feeling nothing at all. What you notice will be related to the severity of the WPNP/SIT and how sensitive you are to your own body. Most people will notice that they are a bit tired for the day and may experience a mild “die off” or detox reaction. It can take up to 2 weeks for the body to fully respond to the restore. 


How long does it last?

The rate of effectiveness is largely based on your exposure and constitution. We are exposed to WNPN through aerial spraying, vectors, certain medications such as vaccinations, and more. Reducing our exposure will limit our infection rate. Some people respond very quickly to a restore, their bodies learn how to recognize and eliminate immediately after exposure, whereas other people need a series of restores before they really see significant changes. Ultimately, we want to help the body learn to defend itself against these attackers. 



Additional Information:

The ATB Coherent Restore can be done in our office or remotely using a DNA sample. If you have the remote restore we will inform you of the general date and time your restore will be done so you can plan your day accordingly. You do not need to be available but you might want to be aware of what is happening in the event that you have some reactions. After the restore is done, the notes will be recorded to your chart and you can read the instructions on how to understand the clinical notes. 


This process has evolved over time and represents our most current information, but The Creator is always teaching us and leading us into more effective ways of helping the body heal so we are anticipating that as we continue to do these restores and get feedback from our clients, our protocols will continue to improve. 

For current members, more information can be found in our Scan DocuCenter. 

If you would like to learn how to perform the coherent restore, click here.

ATB Coherent Restore

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