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New and Noteworthy September 2023

Health Restoration Ministries Monthly Newsletter

The King is Coming!

The month of September this year is home to two of our fall feasts: Feast of Trumpets and the Day of Atonement. Where as the spring feasts look back commemorating the first coming of Yeshua, the fall feasts are celebrated in anticipation of His second. 

Feast of Trumpets is a day of blowing shofars and shouting. We gather to practice heralding the arrival of Yeshua which will be preceded by the blowing of a mighty shofar from heaven . This day is a mystery and connected to the passage in Matthew 24:36 where Yeshua says, "but concerning this day and hour, no one knows it, not even the angels of the heavens, nor the Son, except the Father only."  You see, we can know the season and be waiting in anticipation by observing this day. 

The Day of Atonement is the most important day in all the Bible - the day that 2 goats could remove the collective sin of a nation. This is a day that is described in Hebrews 9:11-12 when we are told that Yeshua entered the Holy of Holies and sprinkled His blood on the Ark of the Covenant, thus removing the guilt of His people. So although it is a day that has had a partial fulfillment, it is also a future event referred to as the Day of Judgement. On this day, we fast to demonstrate the solemnness of our sin and the great cost of our forgiveness and then break the fast with a feast to rejoice in the surety of our forgiveness. 

If you have never had a chance to enjoy these 2 beautiful days, seek out a congregation near you that does and be prepared for the Bible to come alive in a whole new way!

Screen Shot 2022-07-05 at 3.35.24 PM.png

BioLight PTL2 Laser

We wanted to feature one of the therapy devices we offer that doesn't get nearly the use that it should so allow us to introduce you to the BL PTL2 Laser. 

The Aura PTL II is the ONLY low level laser therapy with:

  • Thousands of frequencies

  • Extensive treatment capacities

  • Energetic information induction

  • Acupoint stimulation

  • Integrated protocols

  • Homeopathy and whole food nutrition

We have seen remarkable results with this tiny laser with allergy elimination, hormone balancing, emotional balancing, fungus and parasite infections, food poisoning and so much more! Sessions can now be done in person or remotely!! Ask how it may help you!

Wait, There's More!

New Pricing Policy and New Practitioner

If you have called in recently for an appointment with Dr. Monzo for a Qest4 scan, you know that our wait times are getting longer and longer. We are amazed that the word is spreading so far and wide and that we are able to minister to people from all over the world, and yet Dr. Monzo needs to spend more time training other practitioners and continuing the research and projects God has called him to. To free up his time and to reduce the waiting time for scans, we have revamped our prices and officially bringing on a new staff practitioner. We will officially introduce our new team member next month but he is already here and being trained. The new prices are as follows:

Q4 Scans by Dr.  Monzo, ND: 

Initial scan via DNA $500 

DNA Rescan $300

Initial scan In Person $650

In Person Rescan $400

Staff Practitioner: 

Initial scan via DNA $300

DNA Rescan $200 

Initial scan In Person $400

Rescan $300 

We have also discontinued our DNA packages and membership upgrades in favor of a simpler system. From now on, all services booked within 3 days of your scan are eligible for a 15% discount. When you get or book your scan, take the time to also book accompanying therapies and pay less. Services can be booked up to 6 months in advance and still get the discount!


The Supplement Line is Coming!








The first few releases are due to be released as soon as this month! This is such an amazing accomplishment for us and something that we could only have done with God's intervention. As mentioned in previous newsletters, our partner, Azure Standard, has shown themselves to be 100% committed to bringing the best possible products to the world and do so with integrity. Our flagship product will be Core Copper - 3 mg of bioavailable copper blended with synergistic superfoods to replenish this key to cellular function! 

Click on the image of the bottles to be taken to the prelaunch site and sign up for notifications, plus 10% off coupon once the products are available.

We will sell this line out of the clinic but also through the Azure website for online sales. Please use our sign up link to support the clinic via your purchases. 

*IP6 Pro will be released as IP-6 Supreme

Special Dates

Skin Screening

Skin Clinic

Sept. 27

Free skin inspection done by Dr. Janet. Lesion and mole removal performed by non surgical procedure. Click Here for more info!

Monzo Headshot 2.jpg

Qest4 Think Tank

Sept. 20-24

Blowing a Horn

Clinic Closed

Labor Day - 4th
Day of Atonement - 25th

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