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Supplementing with Silver

Silver has recently come into high popularity and we get a lot of questions about what kind we recommend at the clinic. You might be surprised that we don’t typically recommend it or use it as a supplement. Silver comes in either colloidal or ionic versions. Colloidal silver contains silver particles suspended in water, whereas ionic silver does not contain any actual particles. Silver has anti-microbial properties which can be very powerful in certain situations. However, taking silver internally will have a negative effect on the essential, delicate balance of copper, magnesium and retinol in the body. To process silver, the body will pull on these elements which most people are already deficient in, creating even greater deficiency. Silver can also settle in different tissues which results in dysfunction.

If you choose to use silver internally, it should only be done for a very short amount of time and in conjunction with our Core Copper, Cod Liver and Mag G. Using it topically in creams, gels, toothpastes, gargling (without swallowing) are much safer ways to use these products.

Here at the center, we are able to recommend other products that are just as powerful and do no damage. If our copper levels are adequate, we can avoid many of the reasons to use silver in the first place.

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