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Rights and Exemptions

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Many of you are becoming increasingly alarmed at how fast our God-given rights to pursue life, liberty and happiness are being threatened by medical apartheid-like actions. You have asked for help in defending your rights to live freely and not be excluded from civil life as a punishment for not taking a pharmaceutical product or medical intervention.

Although we cannot give legal advice or offer any documentation on your behalf, we can point you in the right direction and offer some guidance.

There are 2 exemptions in play for most people: medical and religious. Sadly, most doctors are not working with their patients to provide medical exemptions. We cannot offer any letters in an attempt to secure this type of exemption.

A religious exemption, however, can be claimed by most everyone but the particulars will vary by state. Keep in mind that you may not be able to pick and choose how you apply your convictions. Opposing the D iv oC injections but not having an issue with any others may raise an objection.

Those of us here at the clinic have deeply held religious beliefs and practices that prohibit us from consuming any product produced using material from other humans, monkeys, sharks, pigs, dogs, etc. - all of which are used in vaccine development. This requirement is shared by tenets of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The principles of our faith also prohibit us from injecting any mRNA platform/software products (as Moderna describes on their website) as they are designed to overwrite the information our bodies receive via natural, God-given biological processes. Any attempt to alter the design and function of our created bodies is an affront to both creation and the Creator. Our public and private act of worship is based on the principle that our bodies are temples indwelt by the Spirit of God and any act that defiles the temple or makes additions/changes to it disrupts our ability to commune with our Creator.

We also believe our healing and health comes from God alone and only use what He has established in His Word as being part of His plan (i.e. plants, touch, prayer, oils, light, water, etc.). In the event of a medical emergency, we recognize that God will use modern techniques and products as well to preserve life, but the pharmaceutical interventions being discussed here do not fall under that purview. How we maintain our health is also an act of worship and obedience since the Bible is full of commands and instructions on how to live healthily and treat illness.

1 Corinthians 3:16, Leviticus 11, Psalm 139, 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 and many more.

One of the biggest things to remember is that our rights come from God, and NOT from government! We have constitutional law on our side and must learn to hold the line and not back down from being threatened and pressured.

There are attorneys who are helping people write exemptions and that is always one avenue to go. However, you might find that using the constitutional affidavit process is more effective. Writing an affidavit is done without the use of lawyers and can be a powerful tool under common law.

Many people are pushing back against mandates at both school and work and WINNING! Here is a good article about the Biden announcement.

Just remember, they CANNOT force you to put anything into your body you don’t want. All they can do is intimidate and manipulate you - ultimately you decide. Sometimes that decision means allowing yourself to be fired and that is OK! In this economy there are more jobs than ever and there are plenty of places to work that won’t violate your liberties. We have seen God provide for people in amazing ways when they choose their convictions over money and convenience. Make them work to have to fire you and make sure they know that you will not go quietly - do not resign or quit.

Below you will find some links to other sites that have already done a lot of the research.

This site contains templates and lots of practical information.

Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom are very active in the legislative process. They have been hosting meetings around the state bringing lawyers in to teach people how to advocate for themselves. Contact them directly for information on these classes.

Lots on this site to explain and walk you through the affidavit process.

Legal cases and information - mostly on Ohio but Attorney Tom Renz is involved in lawsuits all over the US.

See Employer Mandates on Vaccines

Others who have held the line and won!

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