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  • I have _ fill in the blank_. Can you help with that?
    First of all, it is important to understand that wholistic, natural wellness operates in an entirely different realm than allopathic, western medicine. Western medicine has made it common to take a variety of symptoms and create a special name to identify them. Although this can be useful, it does not play a major role in how we view the body and its dis-ease. We do not diagnose, treat or cure because those are words that are set apart legally by western medicine. We evaluate the body using the information that IT provides to discover underlying causes that can produce the symptoms that you are experiencing. For example, if you “have” diabetes, cancer or a skin rash, we will always say, “we can help your body by uncovering imbalances that may manifest in symptoms related to that problem and then support the body with information and resources to make the changes required to initiate healing from within.” It is important to realize that the majority of Western medicine beliefs and practices are out of alignment with how the body is designed to function. Unfortunately, it is often focused on eliminating symptoms through drugs and surgery instead of bringing about healthful changes that allow the body to heal itself. True healing, (not a lifelong management of symptoms or cutting and poisoning the body), can only come from YHWH so we always turn to Him for wisdom and give Him all the honor when we see true change.
  • I want to begin my journey to wellness with you. Where do I start?
    Although most of our services are available without any special prerequisites, many of our members choose to take advantage of the biofeedback energetic testing we offer. There are 2 devices available: the Qest 4 operated by Dr. Monzo, ND and the Qi5 operated by several specially trained practitioners in the office. Specific information on each is available under our Therapies page. Choosing one of these scans will help us better discern the underlying causes that may be preventing your body from achieving better health. We can use the biofeedback to ask the body about toxins, heavy metals, pathogens, emotions, structural imbalances, sensitivities and so much more. In addition, we can recommend products and therapies that your body specifically responds to, eliminating the guesswork and reducing overall expenses. There are also several practitioners in the clinic that can use muscle testing to gain information in many of the same areas. Once you determine which biofeedback device is best for you, call or email the clinic to book your appointment.
  • I have had my scan. What’s next?
    Qest4: The Q4 scan is full of detailed information about your entire system and will provide suggestions regarding supplementation and therapies. On the Summary Page, you will see 2-4 recommendations under the Therapy category. You should start with booking a session for those. You will also receive a supplement protocol based on a 3 month time span. Should you choose to give your body these products you must decide how many you want to incorporate into your routine. We can also help you build a protocol that will fit your needs and budget.Qi5: Because the Qi5 scan structure is more flexible than the Q4, the information and protocol suggestions may vary from scan to scan. At times, the scan with the accompanying laser therapy is all that will be recommended, and at other times, we might scan for specific products and therapies and encourage you to incorporate them into your plan. It is our philosophy that each one of us must take responsibility for our well-being. This means that we will never push any product or service - we don’t write orders or give prescriptions. Instead, we offer information and allow you to decide how much time and effort you want to put into your journey. Taking responsibility for our own wellness means that we must do our own research, learn how to pay attention to our bodies, walk in awareness of what is healthful and what is not, take ownership of our emotional and spiritual selves, etc. At Well-being By Design, we want to equip you with the resources and journey with you.
  • What faith do you practice?
    To put it simply, Health Restoration Ministries, is founded on the principles of Biblical living based on the beliefs and practices of the early churches. We consider the Hebrew Scriptures to be the foundational writings that Yeshua (Jesus) was sent to teach and bring to fullness. A more detailed statement of our faith can be found here.
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