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New and Noteworthy August 2023

Health Restoration Ministries Monthly Newsletter

Month of Moons

We won't see 2 super moons in one month for another 14 years so this is a fun thing to take notice of this month. The moon, called the lesser light in scripture, is such an important part of our sky and our lives. Many people don't realize how much the moon affects our bodies and is meant to be time marker for us. The Creator put this powerful body above us for our benefit and His glory and even instructed us to blow shofars in recognition of its phases. While all of humanity, at some point, has turned to the worship of the sun, moon and stars, we look up to these beautiful creations and allow them to point us to their creator who is the only one worthy of praise. 


If you missed the first super moon, you have another one on August 30 to enjoy. Take the time to step out and be in its light and call out to it as the psalmist did when he declared in Psalm 148


Praise Him, sun and moon; praise him, all you shining stars.

Praise Him, you highest heavens and you waters above the skies!

Screen Shot 2022-07-05 at 3.35.24 PM.png

Red Pill Expo Speaker

Dr. Monzo was asked to return as a main speaker for the Red Pill Expo this month. He will be speaking on the crucial role and relationship of Copper and Iron in the body. This has implications for EVERYONE! He will be joined by a panel of other highly regarded speakers such as Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, Dr. Bryan Ardis, Dr. Lee Merritt and more! If you are in the Des Moines area, come meet Dr. Monzo in person. The expo will be live streamed for those that wish to attend remotely. Use the link below to access the event! Click here to watch the 4 minute promo for his lecture. 


Red Pill Expo August 12-13

Wait, There's More!

Pathways is now Pathways+


We have had the opportunity to minister to many of you on a spiritual and emotional level by applying our unique Pathways session which has brought significant glory to Yah. In our pursuit of always wanting to bring the best information and practices to our people, we are pleased to announce that all Pathways sessions will now be built on the foundation of Discovering MErcy material. A small group of practitioners has been praying that the Lord would lead us to a more profound and simpler way of ministering to the emotional and spiritual needs in the body of Messiah. After much learning, personal and professional experience and time spent with this ministry, we are convinced that this is the answer to that prayer. For those of you who have had Pathways sessions, you will notice less use of muscle testing and less work in the spiritual realm and more of a focus on the heart and understanding how we, as humans, are created to live out of our humanity as emotional beings. There is an online course offered by Discovering MErcy that we encourage you to consider taking but we are open to sharing this powerful information with anyone during our Pathways+ sessions.  For more info on this exciting development check out the therapy page here: Pathways+



Exciting New Friend and Partner

Morely Robbins, creator of The Root Cause Protocol


Many of you know how thrilling it is for us to formally partner with Morley, author of cu-RE Your Fatigue and founder of RCP which has greatly impacted the health of people from all over the world with his research on copper, iron and cell health. We had the honor of receiving him and his wife, Dr. Liz, for both scan and therapies but also with the purpose of joining forces in restoring wellness to as many people as possible. His latest research will be a main focus of Dr. Monzo's future developments and we will be collaborating on many upcoming projects, including creating scans specific to the RCP method. 

If you would like to join the RCP group, Click Here!

Stay tuned for more amazing things to come from this friendship. 




Jesse (RCP practitioner), Dr. Monzo, Morely Robbins

Fall ATB Training Course - Oct. 15-20!

The ATB Course 1 in June was a success! Our ministry partner, Chelle, from Heart of the Tribe, attended and has had a lot to say about her experience. She is also interviewing other attendees. So if you want to hear more about the course from those who have taken it, use the link below to be taken to her YouTube channel. We are now selling seats for the October course. Space is limited, so sign up early to guarantee your spot!

Click here to be taken to the course page.


Click here for Chelle's course testimony!


Click here to be taken to the course page. 



Special Dates

Skin Screening

Skin Clinic

August 23

Free skin inspection done by Dr. Janet. Lesion and mole removal performed by non surgical procedure. Click Here for more info!

Monzo Headshot 2.jpg

Red Pill Expo

August 12-13


Clinic Closed

August 10-18

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