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Sound Therapy

In person sound sessions

Liquid Sound Acoustic Table

The water in the Liquid Sound Vibroacoustic Tables delivers the sound frequencies five to six times faster than through the air or foam on a normal vibroacoustic sound massage table. The frequencies spread out very quickly and efficiently throughout the water in the vibroacoustic bed and are incredibly smooth with our advanced technology transducers.

Music and Cymatic sessions are available and range between 20-60 minutes.  

Cymatic Therapy

Sound waves, specifically chosen to support various conditions, which are applied directly to the body. This form of sound healing directs frequencies into the body to restore resonance and harmony. The healing frequencies are related to those emitted by a healthy organ or body part. In this way, the immune system and other natural regulatory functions are stimulated. If you aren't familiar with the power of sound, watch this amazing 5 minute video demonstration how sound manipulates matter..

Remote Sound Session with Dr. Tammy

Tammy Sorenson is our Aleph Tav Body music specialist, now available for dynamic online appointments. Check out her amazing bio here

1. VoiceBio Sound Therapy (Voice Harmony Analysis)
A customized sound and healing therapy session utilizes a unique VoiceBio software, which reveals a composite analysis of your body’s physical and emotional frequency needs. The VoiceBio composite analysis (Voice Print) results will suggest musical keys, essential oils, colors, and supplements that will benefit your body. Also from the VoiceBio analysis, you will be given, through Holy Spirit leading, along with intention, timbres, melody, harmony, rhythm, form, Just Intonation or Pythagorean tuning frequencies, and other unique software, an individualized sound therapy music session, created personally and intentionally to your body’s physical and emotional needs, and digitally recorded for your personal use. Your sound and healing therapy session may also include additional mp3’s or CD’s, depending on personal needs.

1.  $90 VoiceBio (without Personalized MP3 Recording)  
    $140 Per Customized 75-90 Minute Session (Personalized MP3 Recording Included)

Click Here for a short video on VoiceBio


2. Unique Personalized Scriptural/Prayer Vibrational Sound Session

     Phase II SomaEnergetics Vibrational Sound Session utilizing weighted body tuners with    
    Scriptural Decrees/Prayer

     $115 Per 60-75 Minute Session 


3. Vibrational Sound Session Phase I EVT Tuning Fork Session

    Phase I SomaEnergetics EVT (Energy Vitality Technique) Vibrational Sound Session
    $65 Per 25 Minute Session

4. Vibrational Sound Session Phase III with VoiceBio 

    Phase III Soma Energetics RNA Tuning Forks with VoiceBio Vibrational Sound Session
    $115 Per 60 Minute Session

Click Here for a short video on VoiceBio

5. Fibonacci Vibrational Sound Session Tuning Fork Session

    Fibonacci Body Tuners and Vibrational Sequence Sound Session
    $65 Per 25 Minute Session

6. Integrated Bioenergetic Regeneration Therapy
    Previously called CLIPS
    60 minute sessions incorporating muscle testing, energy release, nutrition, Holy Spirit led   
    prayer, Scripture, and sound therapy.
    $115 Per 60 Minute Session

7. ATB Color Wheel Restoration 

    60 minute session using turning forks to minister to the Aleph Tav Body color wheels, also known as              Wheels of Light or Chakras. This session combines prayer, scripture and specially designated forks to          balance and clear the energy of the wheels. Each wheel correlates with an ATB cycle as well. 

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