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Sound Therapy

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Voice Analysis Harmony (VAH) - Previously VoiceBio

Let your VOICE communicate what is happening in your body!

*Computer analysis of existing frequency (Hz) levels in the body followed by immediate Hz replacement with Vibroacustic Lounge session. Often this analysis can reveal areas of imbalance in the systems of your body. 

*Take home plan for self-guided resTORAHtion of low or missing frequencies in the body. . 

Vibroacoustic Lounge Table

Don't just HEAR the music, FEEL it!


Lounge and relax with headphones while experiencing an envelope of  3-dimentional sound and gentle vibration in mathematical harmony. 

20 minute, 30 minute or 60 minute sessions

Home Note Evaluation

Which tone brings you into balance?

Your Home Note is where your body is most relaxed, centered and grounded.  Heather will help you discover this note through a process of active listening and reporting what you experience while a sound is played. Once this note is discovered, you will receive a digital download to listen to and have it played for you during a 20 minute Vibroacustic Lounge session.

Cymatic Frequency Therapy

Cymatics is the science of influencing matter with sound and can be a powerful way to which gently guides an injured area back to homeostasis.  Low frequency vibrations helps to bring the body back into its harmonic frequency which may decrease inflammation, pain and promote the body to heal itself.  This therapy can be used for things such as as chronic fatigue, the respiratory system, depression, injury and much more. 

This is a 40 minute session. 

Tuning Fork Sessions

Precisely calibrated, medical grade tuning forks applied to specific areas of the body 

*helps to restore the flow of energy

*helps to alleviate stress

*helps to minimize pain and inflammation

*facilitates relaxation

*helps to reduce the signs of aging

*facilitates overall relaxation and restoration to wholeness

Available in 20, 40 and 60 minute sessions. Special grounding session also available. 


Specific frequencies and ATB control points as recommended by Alphonzo Monzo, ND incorporated into the session.

Pure Shemen Essential oils from Remnant Remedy can also be added to a therapy.

The ONLY oils I use are hand selected and prayerfully blended by Nitza Moshe- Certified Aroma Therapist with an emphasis on Ancient-Artisan Bible Based Aromatherapy A.B.B.A.  based on ATB evaluation and recommendation.

**Prices between $30-$150. Contact the office for more information. 


Visit Heather's site for more information about her and her gift of sound based healing! Click Here!

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