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Current Clients

Now that you are getting scans or receiving therapies, you might have additional questions or want to access new information. 

Here are some helpful topics/links to common inquiries

I've had a scan. What's next? 

On both the Qi5 and the Qest4 there are areas on the scan report that lay out the recommendations your body indicated. On the Qest4 it will be on the 3rd page of the report and the supplement schedule. On the Qi5 they will be in the Therapies Section or the Observations at the end of the report. We will never order supplements or book therapies without your authorization so it's up to you to get in touch with us to order or book. If you are unsure of what a therapy is use our link here. Most of what we offer is available via DNA. Call or email with any questions about the items in this section - we can help you put together a plan!

How do I understand my scan?

The link to the Scan DocuCenter is here! This is a foundational piece to getting the most out of your Qest4 or Qi5. 

Where do I find the Jane App?

This is where we do the majority of our billing, all scheduling and sharing of reports. It is separate from our website and the Kartra platform. Click here to be taken to the login page. If you need to search for a clinic use Health Restoration Ministries. Every client in the clinic has an individual account but you can be connected to other family members for billing and scheduling. Chart notes and scan reports are not sharable so you need to log into the account of the person you want to view. 

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