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Aromatherapy sessions, called ART, are done by our in house essential oil practitioner, Nitza Moshe, of Remnant Remedy. 

What is ART? 


By applying the principles of Ancient-Artisan Bible Based Aromatherapy© (A.B.B.A.), a person can be tested (naturally, without digital technology) to determine which essential oils are needed or resonate with them physically, emotionally, and/or spiritually.  This test is available using the Aroma Response Therapy© (A.R.T.) technique. You will learn how to properly use your sense of smell to choose which oils you need the most. YHWH created mankind with an innate divine sense of smell which helps him to discern physically, emotionally, and spiritually – subconsciously and objectively.  

From the ART test, a skilled ABBA trained aromatherapist can ascertain which single essential oils are needed to formulate a custom blend specific to the needs of the person tested. Each ART session includes a 10ml bottle of your custom made blend available 4-8 weeks after your session. 


One or Two People: $140 each 

Three to Six People: $125 each

All ART participants must watch this video before their appointment.

Nitza is also available for private consultations. 

Visit Remnant Remedy for more information. Click Here!

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