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Ever wish you could identify the underlying spiritual and emotional issues keeping you from the abundant life that God has for you? Have you tried to break free from past trauma or generational bondages and just not been able to? 

Let us introduce you to Pathways - a Biblically based way to bring healing and resolution to the body, soul and spirit. 

Pathways uses muscle response testing to give the body an opportunity to share what the subconscious mind is unable to. Once an area of concern is identified we use a variety of tools such as touch, prayer, scripture, etc. to bring resolution. 

Works great on children and animals 

Corrects emotional and behavioral problems gently

Removes emotional baggage without the need for costly counseling sessions or retelling/reliving painful events

Identifies and addresses the root causes contributing to health problems

Does not rely on any channeling of energy or divination - your body and God's Wisdom is all that is employed

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