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Skin Clinic

We are proud to partner with Dr. Janet Levatin as she brings Dr. T's famous skin clinics to our area. You can have your skin looked at free of charge and only pay if you decide to have something removed. The process is not painful like an excision and heals without any special care. 


Dr. T’s method treats skin lesions with a safe, effective, proprietary acidic liquid compound that is gently applied onto the lesion. The liquid instantly constricts the lesion’s capillaries (blood supply), turning it white and restricting its nutrient supply. A scab forms in a few days and then drops off in a few weeks, leaving esthetically pleasing, healthy new skin. The best results are achieved on the face, for growths of any size. Mild de-pigmentation may occasionally occur on the arms, legs, and torso, especially when melanin-containing or flat, cancer-prone areas are treated. If a deeper layer of pigment is exposed, it can be safely retreated every few months until the removal is complete (re-treatments are done for no additional charge).

For more information on the procedure, after-care and pricing click here


Dr. Janet graduated from George Washington University in 1982, and completed a pediatric residency at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ. From 1986 to 2011 she ran her own holistic practice in Boston, MA, where she offered various holistic options for children and adults. In 2011 she moved to northeast Ohio, where she continues to offer a variety of programs for children and adults including homeopathy, nutritional detox, cardiovascular wellness, breast health, and homeoprophylaxis, a non-toxic, no-injections alternative to conventional vaccines. She has spoken out about the toxicity of pharmaceuticals, for many years. Dr. Janet is passionate about prevention and finding natural solutions for health problems whenever possible. One of her new passions in holistic healing is Ecopolitan's non-surgical skin lesion removal

Upcoming clinics will be listed here but if there is nothing on the schedule please contact the office to be put on the Ecopolitan info list. Click on the Book Now button to be taken to the Ecopolitan booking site.


Next clinic: Wednesday, April 21 from 10-3

Wednesday, May 19 from 10-3 

Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren, (Dr. T) MD, LN, CCN, DABFM, DACBN educates medical professionals and the public world-wide about Nutritional, Environmental & Functional Medicine. Dr. T is founder & president of Ecopolitan, promoting cutting-edge scientific knowledge & technologies that empower people to prevent & reverse disease. With 30 years of holistic skin lesion treatment, he has trained many physicians to use his effective skin methods.
Donations and proceeds from these events go to fund Dr. T's non-profit, Everest Learning Academy in Nepal, to provide quality education for disadvantaged & orphaned children.