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One Day Intensive 


This is best suited for people coming from a distance and plan to spend the day with us to take advantage of as many services as they can. 


What is in the program?


  • Body analysis through bioenergetic feedback scan using (choose 1 option) 


    Qi5 Advanced scan and treatment with therapeutic daily spray by trained clinic practitioner and $150 supplement credit

    Qest4 scan with Dr. Monzo with therapeutic daily spray and $300 supplement credit


  • ATB Coherent Restore to release weaponized pathogens and reset gene functions

  • 1 ATB Touch Therapy sessions to balance body energy systems

  • 1 Lymphatic drainage sessions (45 min)

  • 1 Neuro-feedback sessions for brain optimization


What does it cost?

For Qest4 - $895  - $200 at time of booking and balance at time of visit

For Qi5 - $545 - $200 at time of booking and balance at time of visit


*Touch therapy and Restores with Dr. Monzo are an additional cost


Add on Packages available for IV therapy, Chiropractic, Cryotherapy and many other services we offer. You may have other services and products recommended to you as a result of your scans. 



Intensive visits for 2-5 days are available upon request

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