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Restorative Movement

with Teresa Ojinma

Restorative Movement Education is a form of somatic therapy based on the work of Thomas Hanna PhD, founder of Clinical Hanna Somatics, which is a type of neuromuscular training that uses the sensory motor feedback loop of the somatic nervous system to teach the brain how to release, lengthen and fully relax muscle tension to eliminate pain and improve movement.  It is "somatic" because the learning occurs within the individual from a first person perspective that is self-initiated and self-controlled. 

Eliminating muscle pain, stiffness, and the feeling of ‘getting old” starts with the brain.  Trauma, stress, and postural compensations change the way the brain senses and moves us, and how we experience ourselves on a physical and emotional level.  These educational and participatory sessions teach you to restore fluid, effortless, and joyful movement – on your own, wherever you are and whenever you need it.

How can Restorative Movement benefit me?  

  •  release chronic muscle tightness  

  •  improve posture and movement  

  •  reduce stress  

  •  improve sleep  

  •  improve breathing  

  •  enhance athletic performance  

  •  prevent and recover from injuries  

  •  effective warm up and cool down from workouts  

  •  increase flexibility and range of motion  

  •  improve balance and coordination 

  • help the body release trauma

  • return the nervous system to a state of rest

What are some conditions that might benefit from Restorative Movement?  

  • back pain  

  • bursitis frozen shoulder  

  • joint pain  

  • kyphosis (rounded or forward head posture)  

  • lordosis (arched lower back)  

  • piriformis syndrome  

  • plantar fasciitis  

  • sciatica  

  • scoliosis  

  • shallow breathing  

  • temporomandibular joint disorder  

  • tendonitis  

  • thoracic outlet syndrome  

  • uneven leg length  

  • chronic pain

  • and more . . .

For FAQs About Somatics Movement Education, visit


Remote Services

Call or email the clinic to book!

Experience one-one-one restorative movement education sessions in the comfort of your own home.

Online Private Restorative Movement Education Session

package of 5 sessions (60 min each) $450 USD


Private Restorative Movement Session (60 min) $110 USD

 (for people who have already purchased a package and need a refresher or want to learn something specific)


Online Pelvic Floor Workshop $120 USD

(Four days over a period of 4 weeks)

The Schedule

Day #1 -You will learn about the anatomy and function of the pelvic floor, along with the mechanics of breathing and how the diaphragm and pelvic floor work together to support your organs and overall wellness. 

Day #2 -You will learn how to connect with you pelvic floor using the sensory motor feedback loop of your somatic nervous system.  You will be able to explore how tension in the body due to injury, illness, stress and trauma disconnect you from your pelvic floor, and how to gain voluntary control of those muscles to release and relax.

Day #3 -You will learn how to strengthen your pelvic floor with exercises that you can begin to add to your daily routine right away. 

Day #4 - You will learn how to support your pelvic floor health and overall wellness.  I will be sharing valuable information that I have learned on my own healing journey and take home tools that include; nutrition, supplements, moisturizers, massage, and simple equipment to progress your exercises at home. 

**More classes and workshops are also available! Click on the link at the bottom of the page for more!

Get started today with some of the exercises available in the library video​ 


Teresa Ojinma

 Clinical Exercise Physiologist (CSEP), Kinesiologist (BCAK), Certified Essential Somatics Movement Teacher


Teresa is a Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Kinesiologist and Essential Somatics Movement Teacher.  Her passion for movement began at a young age through participation in sports.  Over ten years ago, she started her own business and began training clients and providing nutrition coaching in the comfort of their own homes.  She was introduced to biophysics and Dr. Alphonzo Monzo nine years ago by a mutual acquaintance, and began learning about bioenergetics, along with the harmful effects of EMFs and RFs on the body, and the vital roles that water plays in the body.  


Seven years ago, Teresa was introduced to somatic movement education.  After experiencing a few clinical somatics sessions, she was fascinated and intrigued with what she was learning, and quickly realised it is the missing link in movement and healthcare because of the power and connection it has to cultivating a greater self-awareness.  This education and practice transformed the way she lives, works and teaches movement.  Teresa became more interested in the spirit-mind-body connection in relation not only to movement, but to overall health and wellness.  


After a cancer diagnosis in December 2021, she delved deeper into wholistic aspects of health and wellness and the root causes of disease.  She learned the impact that stress, trauma, negative thoughts and limiting beliefs have on physiology. Teresa reached out to Dr. Alphonzo Monzo, ND for help in February 2022, and has been continually learning and applying the Aleph-Tav Body System hands on applications and restores.  She is eternally grateful to Yah for her life and guidance, through fervent prayer, that led her to Dr. Monzo and his team at Well-Being by Design, Health Restoration Ministries.  They provided the education and instruction she needed on her journey toward health and wholeness.   


As a somatic movement educator, Teresa assists others to discover their God-given abilities to restore themselves through movement and create an awareness that can not only be used to get themselves out of pain, but that can also be used to create boundaries around things that cause changes within themselves and ultimately make healthy choices to promote peace and harmony from within.


Her purpose is to love God (Yah), love herself and love people.  Her mission is to empower people through movement, love, relationship, connection, application and practice.  She recognizes that it takes courage, responsibility and a willingness to understand the power that we have as human beings to gain a greater self-awareness that leads to growth, transformation, restoration, freedom and success in all areas of life. 

Learn more about Teresa and Home Fitness Plus Here

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