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New and Noteworthy September 2022

Health Restoration Ministries Monthly Newsletter

Cold and Flu Season Protocol

Many of you want to know what you can have on hand to keep your immune system up as we move into cold and flu season.

Immune Boosters - great for preventative or current illness

Natural Z Pack by Optimal Health Systems

Opti-Immune VRL by Optimal Health Systems

Immune IQ by FIQ


In spray/liquid form: BioLight Technologies VBF Defense and Immune SRF


System Support

Cellular Health by Natural Solutions

Myrrh by Natural Solutions for lung and lymph

Recuperate IQ by FIQ

Quantum Energy Minerals Fulvic blend by Health Restoration Ministries


Olive Leaf


We also have

Whole Food Vitamin C by Optimal Health Systems

Whole Food “Vitamin” D - DFOD by Health Restoration Technologies and Support by Tranont


Beef Liver and Cod Liver Oil are also great sources for D.


Our own specialty frequency imprint spray Sick Defense that can be used as a preventative or when not feeling well.


Contact the office to order or enter into The Welcome Center’s Ordering module to order some of these on your own.

Screen Shot 2022-07-05 at 3.35.24 PM.png

Membership Upgrades!


As we moved away from Practice Better and back into The Jane App, we decided to launch new membership upgrades and packages to serve you better.


We have 3 memberships available for people coming into the clinic that offer substantial discounts on services and products.


You don’t need to upgrade your membership but pricing on scans are considerably discounted in the new system with an upgrade.


For DNA clients, there is a prepayment package that also locks in the discounted scan rates.

Find all the details here!

Inflatable Balloons

Praise Report

We hosted our first Aleph Tav Body course! Almost 20 people came to the office from all over the US (even Alaska!) to begin the process to become certified ATB touch therapy practitioners. These classes will be offered throughout the year and our next one will be announced next month!


Sound therapy is now being offered at the clinic. Heather has officially set up shop at the clinic and is offering some AMAZING health analysis and therapy! Click here to read more.

Special Dates

Skin Screening

Skin Clinic

Sept. 28

Free skin inspection done by Dr. Janet. Lesion and mole removal performed by non surgical procedure. Click Here for more info!


Dr. Kelsey Out

Sept. 21-30

Mrs. Kelsey Mattern, DC will be out of the office to celebrate her new marriage!

Fall Foliage

Fall Holy Days Closings


Sept. 21 for Trumpets

Sept. 30 for Day of Atonement

October 5 and 12 for Tabernacles

ATB Book and Touch Therapy Updates


I now have a free introductory course for the ATB Book and Therapy available on our Kartra platform. Click here to be taken to portal where you can access that training.


Unfortunately the book revisions posted last month were corrupted! We will be reloading the corrections soon will be included in the next update. Please forgive us for the inconvenience.

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