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to wellness.

Well-being By Design is a wholistic health experience that will guide you to discover the root causes of health problems and the God-given tools to reclaim your wellness!

Here you will:

learn foundations for healthy living based on Biblical principles

have access to 21st century technology and insight

be equipped to take control of your health

return to the time-tested forms of healing such herbalism, touch, sound, etc.

find a community for support and encouragement 

Click on one of the boxes below for specific information.

Alphonzo and the rest of the WBD team

This is also the home of the Aleph Tav Body System which unites the ancient Hebrew language with touch, light, oil and sound therapies to restore wellness. There is nothing like it available anywhere else. 

Our areas of focus include, but are not limited to, Lyme, autoimmune disorders, difficult health issues, mold exposure, chemical and heavy metal detox, engineered pathogens and nano-tech, unresolved emotional trauma and spiritual distress. Many of the therapies we offer can be done remotely. Feel free to browse our site or contact the office for more information. Looking forward to serving you soon!

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