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New and Noteworthy June 2022

Health Restoration Ministries Monthly Newsletter

Exciting Product Launches!

We are in full swing of exciting changes and new products. 


Most of you have transitioned from Jane App to our new client hub Practice Better, but if you still have not activated your account please let us know so we can get you on board! 


There has been so much going on these last few weeks that we didnt have time to get our normal monthly email out but we didn’t want any more time to go by since we have a few great things to tell you about. 

Fulvic Acid is BACK!!! 

I have launched my own fulvic/humic acid blend that is truly not like anything else on the market. Our source is highly tested and of the utmost purity and we blend it right here in the clinic and imprint it with specially chosen frequencies to amplify the positive effects on our cells and genes! 


We sell it in 32 gram jars that will last AT LEAST 3 months if you are taking the full amount for ONLY $72! If you are used to purchasing other fulvic products, you know that this is a great price - and our blend is 50% fulvic - higher than anything else we have tried! 


Bulk pricing is available for wholesale. 


I can also create an agricultural blend for remineralizing the soil for your garden. Let us know if you would be interested in this. 

Call or email the clinic for orders.

The Power of Hidden Light now available for all!!! 






Terahertz (THz) were discovered in 1896 and called “hidden life” but scientists had a hard time figuring out what exactly the terahertz spectrum was and how to use it. Over the last 40 years, THz have been studied and applied to different fields with exciting results. Physicists now claim that this discovery will change the world. 


We now have access to a device that generates THz waves to improve our well-being. It has been tested in our lab for efficacy and safety. We are getting amazing feedback from our clients and other practitioners that have been using it longer. for information on the device


To order please contact the clinic as the link is broken. 

Join the Facebook group  for amazing testimonials!

Screen Shot 2022-06-15 at 3.01.09 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-06-15 at 2.50.29 PM.png

A Supplement for Your Car!!

Many of you take a vitamin or supplement to help your cells produce more energy, have you ever thought of giving your car an energy boost?? Now is the time to save money by getting more out of your gas mileage. I wouldn’t normally promote this type of product through the clinic but all of us are suffering from high gas prices and whenever I find something that can help me and my family I want it to help you and yours. This product is safe for all engines - works even better on diesel so tell your truck driver and farmer friends. 

Contact Kim for more info or to order. 

Special Dates

Skin Screening

Skin Clinic

July 13

Free skin inspection done by Dr. Janet. Lesion and mole removal performed by non surgical procedure. Click Here for more info!

Reading Bible

Worship and Study


Stay tuned for future worship opportunities. Will resume monthly meetings next season. 

American Flags

Independence Day

July 4

Closed on Monday for observance of Independence Day.

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