Vials can be purchased seperately or in a group to be used in other approved devices. Specialized vials can also be requested. When you order more than 2 vials we will discount the price and adjust the invoice after you place your order. 


Vials available:

MN Vial - MultiNutritional

ID Vial - Immune Defense

PI Vial - Pain and Injury

DM Vial - Detox and Methylation

CVA Vial - Countermeasure for exposure to injections

SWAT Vial - For the weekly maintenance of the Aleph Tav Body Coherent Restore.

Aleph Tav Body Laser - VIALS ONLY

  • Vials will come in faraday bag and should be kept in the bag when not in use. Avoid exposure to manmade EMFs such as computers, cell phones, wifi routers, etc.