Practitioner Bios

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Dr. Alphonzo Monzo III, LMT, LPNM, ND

Dr. Alphonzo Monzo is a Naturopathic Doctor and views the body as a whole in which all parts are interrelated and should be considered for true health and wellness to be achieved. He has specialized in the field of bio-physics, which he has studied and practiced for the last 13 years. He has over 10,000 hours of experience with Bio Meridian (MSAS). In addition, Dr. Monzo completed a three year internship with the King Institute, Inc. where he specialized in The King Institute Method® (TKM®) and the study of bio- electromagnetic systems of the body. He provides TKM® treatments & assessments, nutritional counseling, LifeWave testing & patching, Qest4 testing along advanced frequency imprints, advanced allergy/ sensitivity elimination, HALO Photonic System and VoiceBio sound therapy. In 2019, Dr. Monzo started Health Restoration Technologies, LLC. This company focuses on health research, product development, and Qest4 testing services.


Alphonzo holds a degree in Electronic Engineering Technology from V.F.C.E. (Copley, OH, 1997). His achievements include an Academic Award in Technology, two Technology Achievement Awards, and National Vocational Award from Technical Honor Society. He earned a BS in Biblical Studies and Christian Ministries (Grace College and Theological Seminary, 2003). And is a graduate of Carnegie Institute of Integrative Medicine & Massotherapy, where he specialized in Myofascial – Neuromuscular Therapy, Personal Fitness Training and Sports Massage. (L.M.T. Ohio Medical Board, 2006). He earned a Master of Divinity from Christian Leadership University (Cheektowaga, NY, 2008) and a double degree from Life Training Institute as a Naturopathic Doctor (N.D.) and a Licensed Professional Naturopathic Minister (Beaumont, TX).

Dr. Monzo’s Interest in Holistic Health & Biophysics

Dr. Monzo’s interest in Holistic Health began in 1998, after suffering from a very severe case of Ulcerative Colitis. When faced with having his colon removed, Alphonzo choose to go all natural because of his faith in the body’s design to heal itself. Throughout his complete recovery, Alphonzo’s passion for natural health grew and because of his past education, he was drawn to study the body’s energy systems. Since 2000, Alphonzo has continued to write papers, research, and help others understand the subtle energy systems and how they affect health. In the last seven years, he has been giving lectures on Electromagnetic Man: Modern Hazards & Amazing Health Technology which covers basic understanding of the bio-energetic systems of the human body along with modern electronics that can interfere with these systems, such as cell phones, Wi-Fi, power lines, and EMFs. He has been a guest speaker at Mustard Seed’s three health-food stores, as well as a guest on Paul Nison’s Raw Life Health Show multiple times. He has also given multiple classes and small lectures for the community. Currently, Alphonzo is in the process of finishing his research on a new therapy that works with the deepest energy systems in the body which act as bio-energetic communication system, which he calls the Aleph-Tav Body System.

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Kimberly Kubitza

Kimberly is first and foremost, wife, mother of 3 and friend with a wide range of life experiences that have uniquely equipped her for the role of life coach and healer. She was raised in the natural health movement of the 1970s and blessed to be involved in Biblically based healing from childhood. Her mother is a health food store owner and naturopathic doctor under whom she has been mentored for a lifetime. 

The Kubitza family also spent 10 years overseas as missionaries working with language development and Bible translation for indigenous peoples in South America. Her exposure to other languages, cultures and their respective struggles and the various roles she played in the field has given Kimberly a broad perspective on spirituality and health that she uses to inspire and encourage others. 

She uses a technique that gives the body and subconscious mind the ability to communicate imbalances causing stress to the system. This allows her clients to discover the root cause of problems effecting them on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Examples of physical level disturbances are pathogens such as parasites and fungus and organ misalignments. On the emotional level there are trapped emotions or walls around the heart and spiritually there are often things such as curses and demonic activity. Once imbalances are revealed, she uses the resources YHWH Rafa (the Healer) has provided to bring correction. Those include plants, light, water, oils and prayer, to name a few.