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New and Noteworthy May 2022

Health Restoration Ministries Monthly Newsletter

Implementing Changes

Over the last month all of our members have been added to Practice Better, our new member hub. It offers many of the same features as Jane App, such as bookings and invoicing, but it has so much more, like the chat function. We are building programs in Practice Better to better equip you for health.

The Practice Better Essentials


Everyone was registered for the Welcome Center Access it by logging into your member account and clicking in the section identified by the red box in the image.


The Welcome Center contains short informational modules that will be critical for all members. Check it out soon!


Programs and Packages: Our most popular services are grouped together for maximum benefit. See them in the Welcome Center and make your choice. You aren’t required to choose a program to book a service but they will offer the best prices and health benefits.


Scan DocuCenter. This is where you will learn how to read your scans. It will have videos and documents to assist you in understanding the results so you can put the info to use.


Healthy Foundations Collection: Go beyond the basics with these informational modules to build a solid foundation for wellness. We already have modules on water, rest, energy, etc. and will be adding many more. Required for all new members and beneficial to ALL. Will begin enrollment soon!

You should have received an invitation to join Practice Better last month. Please check your junk mail, but if you cannot find it email or call the clinic to get registered. 

We greatly appreciate your patience as we try to make WBD a more productive, member focused clinic. There are a lot of moving pieces involved and it will take time to get things running smooth.


Special Dates

dr janet.webp

Meet the Dr.

May 5

Looking for a like-minded physician? Dr. Janet Levatin is joining our community of wholistic health. She will be working out of Hyper Health. Meet her there this week from 6-8. RSVP here

Skin Screening

Skin Clinic

May 11

Free skin inspection done by Dr. Janet. Lesion and mole removal performed by non surgical procedure. Click Here for more info!

Reading Bible

Worship and Study


Stay tuned for future worship opportunities. Will resume monthly meetings next season. 

American Flags

Memorial Day

May 30

Closed on Monday for observance of Memorial Day. Thanking Yah for our freedom and those who have defended us!

Optimal Health Systems


We have started working with an amazing whole food supplement company called Optimal Heath Systems. They have great products that have no synthetic ingredients and are testing well for so many people. Some of the supplements we are most excited about:

Vitamin and Mineral daily - provides much needed vitamin and mineral support, nothing artificial

Natural Z pack - just like it sounds, a powerful combination for times of illness

Stress and Anxiety - great to manage stress and help improve mood and sleep

Opti-Mito Force - aids in the production of mitochondrial energy


See the full product line here                                   Don’t be surprised if you have some of these recommended to you!

Dear Family and Friends, 

As most of us move into summer, please plan time for fun. Yah wants us to enjoy the creation around us and the people in our circle. Fun and frivolity is not a luxury - we have to look at it as a necessity - something that we can be deficient in! Get outside, do something new and enjoy yourself, it's one of the reasons why we were created!


Dr. Monzo and the WBD team

Don't forget to visit our partners: 
HyperHealth IV for nutritional IVs
Thrive Chiropractic - 330.591.5663
Book appointments directly 
Optim Cyrotherapy for therapeutic and esthetic cold therapy
By appointment and walk-in Mon-Fri - 330.421.2027
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